Important notice for runners

29 Agosto 2019

To take part in Italy at competitive events organized by the Italian Athletics Federation is mandatory to have a membership card for athletics.

If you are registered in your country for your National Athletics Federation recognized by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and your membership is valid for 2019, you can subscribe to "III^ Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis” by selecting your country in the menu at and entering in the form the data related to your membership without bringing with you a medical certificate. You must certify that your registration is valid by filling out the form at the link below and send it by e-mail to with a copy of the membership. Remember to bring the form with you signed in original at the bib’s pick up.


If you don’t have a membership for athletics, don’t worry. You can select "Runcard" in the menu and fill out the form to request individual membership with the Italian Athletics Federation valid for 365 days at the discounted price of € 15.00. With the Runcard you can take part in all the road running events in Italy.

Once you have signed up for the Runcard, you will have to go to your sport doctor and get a competitive medical certificate for athletics that complies with Italian law. You can use the form in English or French prepared by FIDAL that can be downloaded at the link below.



The certificate must include the following exams mandatory in Italy: ECG at rest, ECG at rest and after effort, spirometry, test of urines (urinalyses).

You can then upload the medical certificate in the portal using the credentials that will be sent to you by email no later than September 10th 2019 for validation. If it is not valid, you will find a note in your personal area on .

Remember to print your Runcard and always carry with you the original medical certificate and a copy, to be left at the time of the collection of the bib. You can also download the Runcard App on your smartphone to have always with you the Runcard and the medical certificate.

IMPORTANT: If you have requested the Runcard, in your confirmation letter you will find “Numero tessera FIDAL/RUNCARD: ZZ000000”. This is a temporary username for checking your registration status on Once you received your Runcard by e-mail, your new username will be RR with the six numbers of your Runcard (ex. RR123456). The password is always your birthdate without slash.

We inform you that your registration will be approved:

  • for athletes with a membership with an Italian athletics association, upon renewal of membership for 2019 and after checking the validity of the medical certificate at least until September 22th 2019

  • upon verification of the Runcard membership valid at least until September 22th 2019 and of the medical certificate valid at least until September 22th 2019, uploaded on the website

  • upon receipt of the membership declaration for a foreign society affiliated to a National Federation of Athletics recognized by the IAAF and a copy of the membership valid for 2019

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