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05 Aprile 2019

ENDU could not miss one of the most important events of the international running and in fact will be present at the "Acea Marathon Expo-Ragusa Off", the village of the "XXV Acea Marathon Internazionale di Roma" set up in the former Atac depot in via Tuscolana. From 4 to 6 April 10 to 20, in the area of more than 6000 square meters ready to welcome the thousands of subscribers to the marathon and Stracittadina, ENDU will present the service ENDUpix that gives the opportunity to have a photo souvenir of the event to relive the emotions and Moments of a sports day.  How does the ENDUpix service work? Simple! Once worn the bib (suitable to be recognized automatically thanks to the dedicated software and in total respect for privacy) you're done! On The route the runners will find the photographers and the workstations organized by ENDU, so just make sure that the bib is always visible for the duration of the event and then... You just have to smile! Once the race is finished, connect to the site, after it is enough to enter the number of bib together with the Pin printed always on the bib and then following the wizard in a few moments it will be possible to receive the photos of the event and to say: "I was there!"

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