Via Pacis: from Rome a message of peace

17 Settembre 2017

Rome runs on the path of peace. This morning were thousands runners who have gathered in via della Conciliazione to the first edition of the Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis concluded with the greetings of Pope Francis to all participants during the Angelus in Saint Peter Square. It was a morning of feast that did run many people of all ages, entire families, that in addition to the half marathon have animated the 5km not competitive, with the Mayor of Rome Virgina Raggi to give the start at the event.

A unique itinerary in the world that in 21 kilometers and 97 meters has gone through some of the corners more spectacular in the Capital including places symbol of faith as Saint Peter, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Waldensian church and the Orthodox Church. And just to witness the main intention of the race, the representatives of the religious communities have read together a message of peace before the official start: Bishop Melchor Sanchez, Riccardo Di Segni, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community, Salah Ramadan, Imam of the Grand Mosque, the Reverend William Doryu Cappelli, Reverend Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifania of the Italian Buddhist Union and representatives of the Union Hindus, Svamini Shuddhananda Ghiri, Svami Nitya Priyananda Ghiri e Lilamaya Ghiri.

The event was promoted by Rome Capitale and by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the dicastery of the Holy See, in collaboration with the FIDAL and the patronage of the CONI and of the CIP. At the start of  5 km even the President FIDAL Alfio Giomi, together with the Secretary General of the CONI Roberto Fabbricini and the assessor of Sport, Youth Policies and Big Events of Rome Daniele Frongia.
At the start also the world bronze of 20km foot race Antonella Palmisano that, with the champion Marco De Luca, was ventured in a brilliant race in the sign of the heel-toe. In the race the ex stars of As Roma Damiano Tommasi and Simone Perrotta. To win the half marathon (1611 The arrived) were, instead: Eyob Faniel (1h03:26) and Sara Brogiato (1h15:37), first at the finish linewith the dome of St Peter in the background.


The Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis is two times Azzurra. To win the first edition of the half marathon with departure and arrival from Via della Conciliazione, are in fact Eyob Faniel (1h03:26) and Sara Brogiato (1h15:37).
25 years next November, Faniel was born in Eritrea, but from 2004 with his family has found a new home at Bassano del Grappa (VI) where last year with the partner Ilaria gave birth to the small Wintana.

In June he dressed his first shirt azzurra in occasion of the Europe Cup of 10,000 meters.

Member for the Venice Marathon Club and trained by the marathon runner Ruggero Pertile, Eyob also has already dealt with satisfaction the challenge of 42.195 kilometers where it boasts a PB of 2h15:39 in Florence in 2016.

Today in Rome, with the dome of St Peter on the background, took the victory, breaking off from the fifteenth kilometre, the Kenyan Paul Tiongik (GP Parco Alpi Apuane), second to the finish line in 1h04:25 in front of compatriot Gideon Kurgat (Atl. Sandro Calvesi) 1h05:05.

Similar scene also in the female race where Brogiato, twenty-seven years from Turin, of aeronautics, took the command of operations for three quarters of the race. Beated the kenyan Ivyne Jeruto (#IloveRun Athletic Terni) 1h17:28 and the champion of cross country, from Trento,  Federica Dal Ri (Army) 1h18:24. The junior athlete of the technician Gianni Crepaldi arrives just five seconds from primacy staff on distance (1h15:32 in Milan in 2015).

The Rai will transmit pre-recording for an hour the "Via Pacis" on RAI Sport (from 14.15 to 15.15) with the report of Luigi Di Bella and technical comment of Giorgio Rondelli, while the program of Rai1 "A Sua Immagine", conducted by Lorena Bianchetti, will connect live during the race.


"Spectacular scene, heavy path, and great satisfaction". Eyob Faniel wins, not too much with surprise, the Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis. "I knew that it would have been a hard fought race and I tried to obtain my personal primacy (1h03:09 this year in Prague ndr). I had a small moment of difficulty between the 10th and the 11th kilometer, I felt a pain in the spleen and I lost a few meters. But as soon as I have recovered I said that I wanted to regain the Africans in the head of the race, and so I did. I am not surprised, I know that I'm training well, especially in optical of marathon. I believe I can do it, and Ruggero Pertile, that is my coach, also believe. I am convinced that you have demonstrated yet little of what I am valuable. Year after year, a brick after another, I will arrive where I dream". Via Pacis brings a message of peace and integration: what does it mean for you that you are an italian with Eritrean origin? "It is an important issue. I am integrated well, I live in Italy from always and now I have an Italian partner, and a little girl. In the sport I have done everything possible to demonstrate that I am valuable, and I have always given everything. I think that the discrimination in general, reveal little culture. I run because ... I enjoy! And for this I will run always".

"It is an huge emotion - smiles Sara Brogiato - I was not expecting this victory and I still cannot believe it! I beat the Africans and was a surprise for me too ...

I do not know if I have been good or just lucky, but in this moment I enjoy it all. There was a lot of people along the path that was beautiful and touched the important points of the center of Rome… has helped me to overcome the fatigue and to never loosen the tension. My dream is the marathon and I hope to make it happen as soon as possible. I run because…I enjoy and is part of my life!".

MEN: 1. Eyob Faniel (ITA) 1h03:26, 2. Paul Tiongik (KEN) 1h04:25, 3. Gideon Kurgat (KEN) 1h05:05, 4. Haji Suleman (ERI) 1h05:16, 5. Julius Rono (KEN) 1h05:22, 6. Andrew Mang'ata (FIN) 1h06:02, 7. Frederick Habakurama (RWA) 1h06:10, 8. Daniel Ngeno (KEN) 1h06:24, 9. Samson Kagia (KEN) 1h06:51, 10. Hosea Kisorio (KEN) 1h07:05

WOMEN: 1. Sara Brogiato (ITA) 1h15:37, 2. Ivyne Lagat (KEN) 1h17:28, 3. Federica Dal Ri (ITA) 1h18:24, 4. Clementina Mukandanga (RWA) 1h19:18, 5. Anna Alberti (ITA) 1h19:42, 6. Ruth Wakabu (KEN) 1h20:22, 7. Laura Casasanta (ITA) 1h27:52, 8. Virginia Petrei (ITA) 1h30:13, 9. Francesca Smiroldo (ITA) 1h34:46, 10. Gabriela Brai (ROU) 1h37:42



The Via Pacis has arrived at the finish line, but the week of athletics in Rome continues with the immersive spectacle of street athletics. After the stages of Berlin (at the foot of the Brandenburg Gate) and Paris (with the Eiffel Tower in the background) the Fly Europe, in other words the show of athletics in piazza, arrives in Italy Wednesday 20 September. The appointment is from 5 pm in Piazza del Popolo (free entrance) where will confront the national teams of France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Two men (a astista and a sprinter) and a woman (a lunghista) for each team will battle in four rounds to the sound of music that will determine the Final Teams standings. A series of exciting challenges that for once will bring the athletics outside the stadium and in the middle of the people.


The Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis thanks the commercial advisor Infront Sports & Media and partners Acea, Seleco Mipaaf, Rds, Group Sem, Area Sporting Club, Sebach, Il Messaggero, Corriere dello Sport for the support.

The Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis has the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

With the participation of: RunCard, AS Roma, SS Lazio and AFC Chapecoense, Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Centro, Scuderia Ferrari Club Row, Italian Association of footballers, Italian Referees Association, the Italian Blind Union.

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