Rome: doublet Ethiopia, the women is record

07 Aprile 2019

Acea Marathon International of Roma  run with the rain: among women triumphs Megertu (2h22:52), for the men it's success for Heyi (2h08:37). Soufyane Fourth, retired Meucci.
She had announced it on the eve and the enterprise happened. At the XXV Acea International Marathon in Rome, race for long stretches in the rain, fell the female record of 42.195 km of the Capital: The result of the day signed by the 22-year-old Ethiopian Alemu Megertu, who with 2h22:52 erased a second to the record of the that resisted from 2008 (2H22:53 of the Russian Galina Bogomolova) and lowered the staff on distance by more than five minutes. Megertu preceded the other Ethiopian, more experienced, Muluhabt Tsega, second in 2h26:41, and another compatriot, Chaltu Negesse (2h30:45). Fourth place for the italian Laila Soufyane (Army) who returned in marathon after two and a half years with 2h34:54. The ethiopian doublet is complete with the male success of Tebalu Zawude Heyi, first on the finish line of the Imperial Forums with 2h08:37 in front of the other two Ethiopians TESFA Wokneth (2h09:17) and Yihunilign Adane (2h09:53). Daniele Meucci (Army) was forced to retired  for physical problems after having run 33 kilometers, and the first of the Italians to the finish was again Ahmed Nasef (11th, Athletics Desio) for the third consecutive edition (2H16:57).

MEN - The rain disturbs especially the first half hour of the race. The 5th km of 15:18, the 10th of 30:29 and the 15th of 46:07 are coming out. At half (1h04:57 and a projection around two hours and ten) stands together a troop of fifteen men, with Daniele Meucci attentive (1h05:04) and always in the wake of the best, escorted by the club mate Najibe Salami that stops around the 25km. But it is not the day that hoped the European champion of Zurich 2014: loses contact from the platoon of favourites at km 27, at cause of a problem of stomach, when the others, begin to get serious. The work of the last Pacer Mburugu ends at km 32 and is just ten kilometers from the end that begins the body to body among the protagonists. It forms a group of five Ethiopians: Heyi, Babo, Teshome, Adane and Wokneth. It Is at the 36th kilometer that Heyi breaks the delay, in progression salutes the competition and flies to the finish line.

WOMEN - Everything as planned: It is race between the two women, with the favorite Ethiopians Tsega and Megertu who depart decisively (33:45), with the half "turn" to 1h 11.11, with a projection under the female record. After 35 ° km the youngest of the two, Alemu Megertu (until here a personal of 2H28:08 made in Shanghai last November) changes pacer and remains alone in command. Round and effective race, to present herself at the Fori Imperiali in full line with the record, then beaten by a second. The italian Soufyane bite the bullet, passes to the half in 1h16:19 and closes in 2h34:54 recovering a couple of positions before the KM 40.


WINNER'S QUOTES - Alemu Megertu: "The weather didn't bother me, I have to thank my manager for everything he's done for me. I Thank God: it took me to win this marathon, I'm really lucky. I pushed a lot until I arrived because I believed in the record. With the prize money I'll buy a house... And if something advances even a car. "

Tebalu Zawude Heyi: "I Am so happy, I did not expect to win. It was difficult because the cobblestones were very slippery for the rain. I wanted a chrono from 2h07 however the weather conditions were not in my favor. I come from Addis Ababa and I have two children, I want to devote myself so much to them. "

18.000 TO THE STRACITTADINA - There were 18,000 participants from the non-competitive Stracittadina (5 km) departing from Piazza Venezia and arriving at the Circus Maximus. The first man arrived is Juan Negreira, the first woman with the colors of the Vatican Athletica was Sara Carnicelli.

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