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The European Masters Athletics Festival for Silver Age – EMAF project, intends to support, enhance and promote the fundamental role that sport can play to promote health-enhancing physical activities as well as integration, social inclusion, active aging and citizenship’s involvement, thus creating more integrated and cohesive societies. Project aims at organizing a major sport masters of athletics event – mainly addressed to OVER 60 - coming from at least 10 European countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Spain, France, Slovakia, Denmark, Portugal. Athletes and technical staff – around 150 people – will participate in various sporting competitions, seminars. cultural and social initiatives under the theme of “sport for all”, with the strategic purpose of enhancing sport participation of elders, promoting active aging and social integration in the field of sport. The project supports the creation of virtuous cooperation among institutions, associations and individuals active in sports and social field to search for the best result through the sporting, recreational and cultural dimension. At the same time, through different communication and dissemination activities and events the project will provide an opportunity for increasing the intergenerational dialogue as well as the awareness on citizens of the value of sport and physical activity in promoting health and well-being of individuals and EU society as a whole.


Strategy and Objectives



Physical activity is one of the most important health determinants in modern society and can make a major contribution to the reduction of overweight and obesity and the prevention of a number of serious diseases and chronic conditions such as cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes, which reduce the quality of life, put individuals' lives at risk and are a burden on health budgets and the economy. Health and physical activity are so closely intertwined that enhancing physical activity is a key part of the 2007 White Paper "A Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity related health issues", which underlines the importance of taking pro-active steps to reverse the decline in physical activity.

Therefore, sport plays a fundamental role and has a strategic importance in pursuing a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth at European level.


In this regard, project strategy intends to exploit the special role that sport can play with regard to health-enhancing physical activities, especially for the elders, with the aim of:

  • addressing the societal, health and economic challenges of unhealthy lifestyles, in particular physical inactivity;
  • organizing and launching a European Masters Athletics Festival for Silver Age (EMAF) along with seminars, social activities and cultural tours.


General Objective

The EMAF – European Masters Athletics Festival for Silver Age project intends to spread the concept of “sport for all” among athletes – especially OVER 60 - citizens and institutions, to further promote awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport competitions and events promoting sport values, social inclusion, and equal opportunities.


Specific Objectives

  • to encourage physical and mental fitness to fight health-related problems through the  participation of elders (aged over 60) in the EMAF competitions, thus increasing the levels of health-enhancing physical activity, according with Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines;


  • to bring people and different countries closer on the issue of health-enhancing physical activities, through sport practice and integrated actions on the subject, involving  a wide range of stakeholders and target groups across EU;


  • to increase the awareness and knowledge on sport practice, as a leverage to improve an healthy lifestyle, promoting seminars and workshops to further positive impact on healthcare and economic systems, also contributing to improve well-being and life quality of EU citizens;


  • to educate younger generations on the importance of health-enhancing physical activities and further prevent health-related problems from an early stage, promoting an inter-generational dialogue between elders and youngers through the organization of Inter-generational Sport&Social, sharing the benefits of HEPA for future generations;


  • to strengthen  cooperation at EU level, promoting physical activities, healthy lifestyle and social inclusion in a lifelong perspective thanks to a transnational approach adopted within the project, and a focused dissemination strategy addressed to project target groups.




  • 1.1: Planning of the European Masters Athletics Festival for Silver Age and Launching of the EMAF Festival
  • 1.2: Organization of the Training Sessions and Competitions within EMAF Festival
  • 1.3: Organization of scientific and educational seminars within EMAF Festival
  • 1.4: Organization of social activities and cultural tours within EMAF Festival



  • 2.1: Project Quality Control System
  • 2.2: Project Evaluation and Final Assessment



  • 3.1: Project Coordination
  • 3.2: Financial Management



  • 4.1: Preparatory Activities for Inter-generational Sport & Social Labs implementation
  • 4.2: Organization of n. 5 Inter-generational Sport&Social Labs
  • 4.3: Drafting of the Final Report



  • 5.1: Project Dissemination & Communication Strategy
  • 5.2: Project Dissemination & Communication Tools
  • 5.3: Project Communication & Dissemination Events


Expected Results

  • strengthened cooperation between EU organizations active in the field of sport and active aging focusing on the role of sport for promoting physical activities in a lifelong perspective and social inclusion;
  • enhanced EU network promoting “sport for all” movement, healthy lifestyle and social inclusion of older people through sport practice;
  • increased awareness of volunteers, trainers and civil society on the value of sport and physical activity in promoting health, well-being and cooperation;
  • increased intergenerational dialogue, sense of solidarity, social interaction, team work and team spirit as part of developing the social personality at all age;
  • increased awareness of citizens on EU dimension of sport and on existing strategies supporting sport activity and social inclusion through sport;
  • increased awareness of citizens and policy makers on the role of sport events as a tool to foster local communities and social inclusion;
  • increased skills and competences of sport organizations in defining strategic advises for sport sector, considering different crucial aspects as the promotion of sport for all and the impact of sport on public health, social values, and cultural development;
  • increased knowledge of policy makers at National and EU level on innovative sport practices following and integrated approach;
  • strengthened cooperation between schools, sport Club and Active Aging Associations organization focusing on the role of sport and education for promoting physical activities and social impacts.


Target Groups

  • OVER 60 athletes from Sending Organizations;
  • managers, trainers and volunteers of the European Masters Athletics Federations and Clubs involved;
  • other European Athletics Federations and Clubs;
  • sport movements and associations dealing with sport and active aging;
  • organizations representing the “sport for all” movement;
  • National Sport Committees (e.g. Italian National Olympic Committee);
  • public bodies in charge, at local, regional, national and EU level of delivering and implementing policies in sport, physical activity fields and active aging;
  • Universities, research and medical institutions;
  • European Commission and EU agencies responsible for the definition of sport strategies and delivery of targeted programmes and initiatives;
  • schools and young people;
  • citizens and civil society.

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